Fuel Saving Tips

Whether you are shopping for a new car or just trying to maintain the one you have, you can take some steps to get the best mileage out of your gas purchases. Regardless of the make and model, your car’s estimated gas mileage is just that — an estimate. An important variable is how you fuel, drive, and maintain your car. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, offers these tips to use fuel efficiently:

The Gas Tank: Use the Octane Level You Need

Making the right choice at the gas pump is an important first step to keeping your car running efficiently — and economically. Follow your owner’s manual recommendation for the right octane level for your car. For most cars, the recommended gas is regular octane. Using a higher octane gas than the manufacturer recommends offers no benefit — and costs you at the pump. Unless your engine is knocking, buying higher octane gas is a waste of money. Be sure to tighten your gas cap after each fill up.

How important are vehicle gas caps?
17 percent of the vehicles on U.S. highways have either misused or missing gas caps, causing 147,000,000 gallons of gas per year to vaporize into the atmosphere. (Source: Service Tech Magazine, Sept. 2000)

Vehicle conditions that cost consumers millions of dollars in wasted fuel:

On the Road: Drive More Efficiently

At the Garage: Maintain Your Car

How do underinflated tires affect fuel efficiency?
Underinflated tires and incorrect wheel alignment can lead to conditions which increase rolling resistance. This is like driving with the parking brake not fully released, it can cost a mile or two per gallon on a car that normally delivers 20 miles per gallon. Correct tire inflation pressure is critical for good fuel economy, safety, maximum tire life and proper vehicle handling performance.

Other gas guzzlers include:


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