Tire Blow Out Safety

A blowout is a rapid loss of tire air pressure. This sudden loss of air pressure from a tire can cause a vehicle to lose control.
What should I do if I have a tire blowout while driving?

The goal in any rapid loss of tire pressure or “blowout” is to keep the vehicle balanced and controllable. Do not panic. Any over-reaction by the driver – including slamming on the brakes or abruptly removing your foot from the accelerator – can result in a loss of vehicle control.

In any blowout situation, it’s most important to first remember the 2 things YOU SHOULD NOT DO:

Instead, in any blowout situation, you should follow these 3 steps:

What you should do.
Remember, no matter which tire blows out — front or back — the do’s and don’ts for safely maintaining control of your vehicle are exactly the same. The only difference between a front and rear tire blowout is that you will feel the force of a front blowout more in the vehicle’s steering, while you’ll feel a rear blowout more in the seat or body of the vehicle.


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