Saab Required Maintenance

Because time flies when driving a Saab!

Driving a Saab is one of life’s pleasures and taking care of one can also be a breeze. To make it even easier, we’ve provided maintenance schedules we suggest you consider.

Maximum service intervals may be limited by time duration, depending on how you drive. We classify required vehicle service as Routine Checks and Miles-Driven.

All scheduled service is necessary to maintain your vehicle in optimal operating condition and to avoid damage to your vehicle not covered by the warranty. We strongly recommend you take your Saab to our shop for all service work.


Engine, Oil and Chassis Lubrication Scheduled Maintenance

Your vehicle is equipped with the Saab Oil Life System (OLS) which monitors oil wear and indicates when an oil change is required. The time and miles between necessary oil changes will vary depending on your driving habits. You should change your oil when indicated by the OLS light on your instrument panel, or every 12 months (whichever comes first). When the OLS light on your instrument panel lights up, change your oil within the next 50 miles.

Our Service technicians replace your vehicle’s engine oil with premium Saab Motors oil, and replace the oil filter with a Saab-approved filter. Your OLS monitor will also be reset.

We also lubricate your chassis, suspension and steering, as needed. And We perform a Saab 15-point inspection:

 1. Check brake fluid                                                          9. Inspect air filter

2. Check power steering fluid                                           10. Inspect tire wear

3. Check windshield washer fluid                                     11. Inspect hoses

4. Check differential fluid (RWD)                                      12. Inspect wiper blades

5. Check transfer case fluid (4WD)                                 13. Inspect drive belts

6. Check transmission fluid                                             14. Inspect all lights (including signals)

7. Check tire pressure                                                      15. Inspect battery (Cables & clamps)

8. Inspect coolant                                                           

A regular oil change is important because dirty engine oil and a clogged oil filter will decrease your engine’s efficiency, and can lead to engine damage requiring expensive repairs. Our Service Technicians know the right oil is vital for the proper operation of the Saab Oil Life System.

Semi-Annual Maintenance (every 6 months)

 All of the following services are included in the Semi-Annual Service and should be done every six months:

Annual Maintenance (every 12 months)

 All of the following services, and all of those listed under Semi-Annual Service, are included under Annual Service and should be done ever 12 months:


Services due at 30,000 mile.

Services due at 50,000 mile.

Services due at 60,000 mile.

Services due at 90,000 mile.

Services due at 100,000 mile.

Services due at 125,000 mile.

Services due at 150,000 mile.

Other Services Offered

We service all European and Asian cars. Some repairs cannot be priced out over the phone without seeing the vehicle first but we will always try our best to answer your questions.

Note: Some models may differ in their requirements. Please consult your Owner’s Manual for complete information.


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